An Open Letter to a Wounded Eagle
© 1998 Mike Druckenmiller (Sr.)
My Dear Fellow Believer in Jesus,

I am writing you this letter to share with you something the Lord gave me on the way to work one morning, which I Believe He wants me to share with you.

I am a wounded Eagle, I am, perhaps, only a short ways ahead of you. But what I have experienced, I hope, will help speed your recovery. A recovery I am sure is taking far too long.

For me yesterday would have been not quite soon enough. But, my Lord has shared with me that for me "Any time is right, but His time for me is not yet." It's so hard to wait for my ministry, especially when only recently two very different ministers in very different locations have prophesied and confirmed God's call on my life.

Yet difficult things keep happening, and though I do complain, (shame on me!), and although I do believe that "All things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purposes", it's hard to be patient.

The other night we were sharing scriptures and covered Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts I have for you ... to prosper, ... to do YOU." Then I felt prompted to read verse 10 where it talks about the 70 year Babylonian captivity, this was a specified time, after which God would prosper them again. The Spirit seemed to say to me "Son, don't despair, it's not an open ended time frame, I have set limits on it and it will come to an end and I will restore you completely." I had been quoting Ecc 3:11 a lot where it says the God makes ALL things beautiful in His time... Unfortunately, I also remember that with the Lord a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years... so you can imagine my relief to know that God is aware of my time frame and has set limits on it.

Before I share about "The Wounded Eagle" let me share just one more thing. I have found from personal experience, that when I was blasted out of the sky by another believer, a pastor, it was extremely difficult to separate my personal walk and relationship with Christ from the severely fractured relationship with His Church. After all it is His church, and He IS responsible for it... How dare HE let THEM do this to ME! Fortunately, Gods love for me has covered a lot of hot, and poorly thought out words that I have "screamed" at my Heavenly Father. But, He didn't do it. Some just don't take notice of the end result of their actions. There is a lot of pain... Why not me? After all if I really am called, and if I really am going to be ministering to the hurt and outcast in the Body of Christ, what better practical training could I get than to go through it myself.

I don't like the surgery... But, I can't argue with the health on the other side!

The Wounded Eagle

An illustration that Jesus gave me about dealing with the wounded in church.

Isaiah 40:31 says that "they that wait upon the Lord SHALL renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings as an Eagle, the shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint."

I suppose there is nothing more glorious than seeing an Eagle soaring on the winds and updrafts. It is an awe inspiring sight. So effortlessly gliding over the earth with those keen eyes scouring the ground for prey to eat. From so high up he can pick and choose what he wants to eat.

But, then a disgruntled farmer takes a shotgun and blasts him out of the sky! The wounded bird spirals helplessly to the ground and is found by a passerby who contacts the wildlife department to come and see if they can save the injured animal.

But, the Eagle isn't quite dead yet, and it sure isn't unconscious, so as they are trying to help it, it's trying to, (in self defense), destroy them! It's talons and beak are razor sharp from many days of practical experience. They are sharp and can inflict very serious injuries on ALL those that try to help.

So, the first thing the handler has to do is throw a cover over the bird, so it can't see the captivity that is coming next.

Then, very gently and carefully the wings are immobilized to prevent more injury to itself and others. Yes, it will be a while before this Eagle is back in the sky.

Then the hood is placed over the birds' head to keep it calm while it is being transported.

After its' wounds are cared for it will have to recuperate for a time until it is strong enough to fly again.

Then there's that cage. It is placed where it doesn't want to be. At first it refuses to eat and has to be force fed. Then over time it finally starts to eat on it's own again.

More time passes, has the bird forgotten how to fly? Only time will tell.

Then finally the day arrives where the Eagle can be released. Is it ready? Will it fly? Again the hood... Again the wing wraps.... Again that long ride into the middle of nowhere.... Then, suddenly, the wing wrap comes off! The hood comes off! And the Eagle is boosted into the air! Will it fly?

You tell me?

So, much rests on the care giver. The gentleness, and the accuracy of the care. It is in the Eagles heart to soar. But, some wounds don't heal properly, (for what ever reason), and sometimes an Eagle will lose its' will to fly. When this happens the care giver has to take the Eagle back to base and work with it daily until it will fly.

Wounded Christians are a lot like Eagles. Many of them are spiritually gifted, and have keenly sharp eyes like the Eagle. They see things in the Spirit that many Pastors can't even see. But, they are still wounded birds.

They still have sharp talons and they still have a sharp beak. And out of pain and fright they defend themselves, to the great pain of those around them.

Yet they are still Eagles! They are still meant to fly. But, only with the careful care of those around them, and submission to the treatment process that the Holy Spirit has put in place, will they ever fly again.

Don't forget how to fly. But, also remember that you are still a wounded bird, and even though your heart longs earnestly to be useful, and take part, the pain still shines forth and those talons are so, oh so sharp. Be patient with God, and with your pastor. Trust that God really does know what He is doing, and He really is seeking your highest and ultimate good.

It's hard to warm a pew and accept instruction when all those Spritual Faculties, that allowed you to soar like an Eagle, are still there in your heart. Believe me I know!

But, remember those talons, you can't be expected to control your responses brought about by pain 100%. So, allow for it and give yourself time to recover.

Your Brother In Christ,
Mike Druckenmiller

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